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"French bulldogs were always in my family. My mother - Maria Zbrozinska had a spotted French bulldog named TOBIASZ in the early 40-ies. Also my grandmother Kazimiera Kacperska bred a French bulldog in her family village. Unfortunately his name was forgotten but all we know is that he loved to eat pears from grandmother's orchard. Therefore I'm the third generation in my family who fell in love with bulldogs.
I bought my first French bulldog in 1976, his name was BRUTAL BARNABA Varsovia. He was shown only once in Junior Class during Dog Show in Warsaw. My beloved bulldog died tragically bitten by a viper when he was two years old. I waited for my next bulldog over two years and finally in 1980 I bought not a boy but a puppy girl - KREPA DRAKA Varsovia from Mr Lubowidzki. In 1981 I registered my kennel under "Draczyn" affix in Polish Kynologic Organization. My partner in life and cofounder of Draczyn Kennel - Marek Morawski learnt professionally how to show dogs and it was the beginning of our success. In 1996 I came for mating with my girl HERA for the first time to Holland. During the visit I also bought first fawn dog in Poland - Tobias les Petits Archanges. HERA bore four fawn puppies - first fawn puppies in Poland as well. Three of them became Polish Youth Champions and Polish Champions and one of them - PACYNKA Draczyn became also Interchampion. Since 1998 we often attend Polish and foreign dog shows and our dogs always take leading positions. Let's hope so!"

2010 was a hard year for us. On 2 July Krystyna Zbrozińska - Sobczak a founder of kennel died. Since love of the race is passing in our family from the generation on the generation,  I decided to continue the farm work of Mum. I will try to finish writing next chapters of the story of Draczyn breeding - according to the will of Mum and to her memory.

Katarzyna Sosnowska

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